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Hey guys, this is Siraj Wahid back again. I.m curious to know the reason behind your blogging journey. Why do you blog? I.m sure you have other important things to deal with then what.s the reason behind dedicating your precious time to blogging?

I.m damn sure that 80% of you (who are reading this) are failing again and again to drive traffic to their blogs. To be blunt, if you don.t have traffic then you can.t be successful. Your dream is to make money with your blog, right? To be a blogger who makes money you need traffic and without traffic you can.t succeed. Believe me, if you receive only 50-60 visitors a day you can still convert those visitors into customers. All you need is to sell the right things to the right people.

I drive 60% of my blog.s traffic from social media and almost all the traffic I drive is through my fan-base on my social profiles. You might have been ignoring the power of large fan-base on social media but you shouldn.t do it as it can drive a huge number of visitors to your blog. So, do you have a large fan-base on your social profiles? If you don.t have a large fan-base then don.t worry about it. I recently got partnered with a service which sells social followers and likes, you can convert those likes and followers into visitors and then into customers. You can have 1000s of twitter followers or Facebook fans in just a day. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the service by In.FaL:

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Increasing followers on your social media profiles and converting them into visitors is a different thing and it.s not enough to convert your blog into a #1 traffic stream you need to expand your approach to drive traffic to your blog. I have already written few articles on my blog regarding traffic generation and I.m going to summarize those articles in this giveaway.

  1. The first article I wrote regarding traffic generation on my blog was 8 Superb Methods to Increase Blog Traffic. I included almost every common possible resource through which you can drive traffic to your blog in this article.
  2. Blog Commenting is one of the best ways to drive loyal readers to a blog, most of the bloggers are familiar with this phrase now as seen a large number of people in my circles using blog commenting to drive traffic. I wrote an article few week ago listing 3 Amazing Blogs to Drive Traffic and comments to your blog, Especially #1.
  3. Do you use Facebook or Google Plus to market your content? Let me throw a question at you. Which social networking site is productive when it comes to generating traffic, Facbook or Google+? I.m sure you.ll say Facebook but what if I ask you about group marketing on Facebook? Bit confused, right? Read Stop Facebook Marketing, Drive Traffic From Google+.
  4. Recently, I revealed a trick through which I drove tons of new visitors to my blog. If you are my regular reader then you might have read Neil Patel.s interview on my blog. The trick is also related to the same interview.

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Still failing at generating traffic and leads from your blog? Why don.t you give a try to my blog consulting and article writing services?

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Now, the giveaway:

So here is the most awaited thing, the $50 cash giveaway. You can simply participate in this giveaway by commenting on this article and sharing it on your social profiles. Use the below widget to participate:

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It.s not the end yet, I.ll be announcing cash giveaways every month now and I.ll be selecting random days for organizing those giveaways. If you want to be informed instantly about my upcoming giveaways then subscribe to my mailing list:


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Siraj Wahid is a young blogger, music freak and an experienced marketing guy interested in learning new marketing tactics. He loves writing guides for newbies. You can follow him on


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    Thanks for the giveaway. Done with all the steps, Hoping to win the prize.
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  3. All the best for your consulting services Siraj, I hope that you’ll get success on your efforts :)

    I’ve read all the 4 posts which you’ve listed here and yes, traffic is the key to get succeed in blogging. Many bloggers are struggling to get good traffic and I would say that it is essential to do the proper KW research to get traffic from search engines. At the same, we can’t neglect the targeted traffic from social media too and hence promotion through proper ways is more important.

    Happy to participate in the giveaway, keep your good work.

  4. Thanks for giving the opportunity for someone to win pure cash on your blog here Siraj and doing it monthly will be a very cool idea!

    who does not want some extra cash. After all, that’s why most of us blog isn’t it?

    So I’m in

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    It’s great to see you organizing a cash giveaway on your blog . Hoping to get through the winners list :D

    Happy to participate in the giveaway :) Keep growing !

  10. Damn you dont knw wt those 50$ are for me if i get em , Thanks a lot fr da giveaway :)

  11. Awesome Giveaway Siraj……. Entered hope will win.

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    Traffic is main concern for the every other blog. Sometime people get demotivated due to low traffic.
    Worth reading and participating in the giveaway.

    All the best for your efforts and thanks for the giveaway. :)

    >SK Lohar

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  15. Really Great Giveaway I ever found on INternet. Hoping to win that giveaway…….BTW thanks for the contest.

  16. Anastasia says:

    I think great giveaways are one of the best ways to bring traffic to your site. I visit a lot of sites I otherwise wouldn’t when they have a good giveaway going on. And, f I like their content, I continue to visit even when a giveaway isn’t running. Regular giveaways tho’ are a great way to KEEP the traffic that you generate, as well as keepign followers and email subscribers :)

  17. Hi Siraj, Perfect article and to say what I was actually trying to get; the Giveaway. Happy to participate and may be it’s my first money on the Web. :)

  18. I am a contributor for Always Write and Siraj retweeted my entries, drawing me to his blog! Happy to learn about it.

  19. Thanks for the giveaway, and for me the best traffic tactic is SEO finding the right keywords also Pinterest is a good way to bring traffic.

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  22. I just feel tweeted, shared on fb and google plus. Just thought you should know again!

  23. Petra V. says:

    Great giveaway, thank you!
    Oh I just read through the stop fb marketing and I was already thinking about quitting the fb-thingy yet your article basically decided it for me. I’m gonna read through the other articles too now!

  24. Rizwan Saharan says:

    Hey ! Siraj

    It’s a Great Contest i like it. Thanks for sharing this content with us.

    Best Regard.

  25. Hi Siraj,

    I am very skeptical about services like Instant Followers & Likes. They remind me of link farms which Google is always against! Getting increased traffic should not be by referrals alone. What use would a referral traffic be if is not convertible.

    Perhaps, I am missing the point on but buying followers from social media instead earning them seems sneaky to me! Google is watching and I stand to be corrected!

    I upvoted this post in kingged where it was shared for Internet marketers.

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